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    dvd compatiblity


    by hood114 ·

    I just purchased some TDK DVD-R 8x disks, and I noticed a warning on the inner label. In short, it reads ‘using this in non 8x burners could result in damage to the media and/or burner’. I’m current using a Sony DRU-500A, which burns at slower speeds. Is this claim valid?

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      by korgmeister ·

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      not likely, because all the DVD-R disc should backward speed compatible. you should try to find whether there is a label or disc cover saying the speed is from 2x – 8x or something similar.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      That warning is most likely for higher speed drives which can burn faster and not have the correct software installed to limit the burn speed so instead of burning at *X it burns faster.

      Slower burning has never ever hurt any Drive or Media as that is always an option when burning something you can lower the speed of the burn to suit your needs.

      TDK media should be perfectly OK but I’ve seen one cheap unbranded CDR explode and destroy the drive while it was burning as well as not doing the user much good either but that was a long time ago now and I haven’t seen anything like that happen since.


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      by jepott ·

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      I do not believe this to be a valid claim… I do almost the exact thing you are asking – I use 8X HP DVD-R disks in a Sony DRU-500A drive and have never had a problem with burning them. The only reason you see notice is for legal issues on the ‘just in case it ever happened’ then they are not legally obligated to do anything about it. Hope that helps.

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