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    DVD drive for IBM T21 laptop


    by newellx3 ·

    I have an employee that has Windows 2000 installed on an IBM T21 laptop. His DVD player isn’t recognized, within Explorer. If you go into Device Manger it shows the DVD player, but has a yellow exclamation point next to it. If you go into the properties of the DVD player it says “Your registry could be corrupted: Code 19”. My question is, how would I go about fixing this problem??

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      DVD drive for IBM T21 laptop

      by oaojr ·

      In reply to DVD drive for IBM T21 laptop

      If you have the drivers and software for the DVD then click on the DVD in device manager and then click remove. Reboot system and reinstall drivers. You may also need to go to DVD site to get drivers for W2K.

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