DVD drive restarts computer

By pzaw_962 ·

when I play a dvd on my ASUS DVD rom E616, any DVD seems to do it, my computer restarts.

no error messages just reboots.
I have another LG DVDRW and this is fine!!
any thoughts?


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Could be an electrical fault in the drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVD drive restarts comput ...

Or maybe something wrong with the way that things are setup on the machine.

Are there any messages in the Logs?


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Only happens when I play DVD. How do I check logs?

by pzaw_962 In reply to Could be an electrical fa ...

Only happens when I play DVD. If I use DVD data disks and CD disks it is ok.

How do I check logs?

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To get into the Event Logs

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Only happens when I play ...

Open the Control Panel then Administrator Tools followed by Event Viewer and then chose System.

If you can read Data Disc's and CD's I would be looking at the Power Supply not being up to the job that it's being asked to do so it's either started to fail as it's been constantly over run or it was never of sufficient power to begin with.

Look at the PS and see what Ratting it is and if it has a Brand. If you look at something like an Antec 400 W PS that will work a treat for years without a problem and will protect the internals in the event of something going wrong outside the case where as the no name PS will allow the entire computer to be destroyed when something serious happens outside on the mains or the PS just decides to give up the ghost. The no name PS on the other hand will be ratted to 500 + W and have a brand like Flower or something similar and are rated to the Peek Power that they can deliver not the constant power that they are capable of producing. While you may get away with these for a short period of time they will eventually give you trouble or even destroy the entire system. I've only ever used Antec PS but I'm sure that there other good ones available on the market/. As you have a branch of Altech in Perth you should have access to Antec PS's there as they are the AU Agent for them.

Anyway Chas has a possible solution posted here I would look at what he has to say as he's always right.


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Double Post <NT>

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Only happens when I play ...
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Weak Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to DVD drive restarts comput ...

I suspect a weak or under-rated power supply.

When you play a DVD movie, you end up using a lot of devices all at once. Was the DVD drive part of the original system? Or, added later.

If the DVD drive was added later, and this is a name brand system, I would start with a higher wattage power supply.

If the system has been working, and this behavior just started, I would still rank the power supply as a high probability.


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