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DVD drive thinks it a CD

By agodave ·
I've seen some talk on this subject but I would like to take this topic a bit further. I have two computers where the same problem started and I think it has to do with XP files or Registry and not the hardware.

System One - (XP SP2, 1 DVD-rom and 1 DVD-RW) Worked fine one day and the next when I insert a dvd the os changes the drive from dvd-rw to cd-drive. Now I can't read or burn any dvd's. I'm still working on this one. My burn software tells me I inserted a CD and not a DVD.

System 2 - (XP SP2, 2 DVD-RW drives) Again this system worked fine until one day both drives switched from DVD-RW to CD when I inserted a DVD drive. Tried MANY things but the problem did not go away. As with XP it was time to rebuild the system anyway so I reformated C and reloaded XP. Guess what the drives now work but still switch to CD when I insert the DVD. ??? My burn software here tells me it ok to burn a dvd and will do it.

I'm betting that this issue is deep inside the registry or bad driver file within the OS. I do not beleive it has anything to do with dirt ( I agree with some comments that dirt effects DVD before CDs ).

By the way I never cleaned or touched the two dvd drives in the system.

Ideas anyone? I would have to reformat system one since I just did system 2.

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Manufacturer drivers

by jdmercha In reply to DVD drive thinks it a CD

Did you check the drive manufacturers web site for updated drivers?

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Driver updates - dvd thinks it's a cd

by agodave In reply to Manufacturer drivers

Did that for both systems before I did anything else.

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Having the same problem with my old box

by Tig2 In reply to Driver updates - dvd thin ...

Dell D600, XP Pro. No way to predict when it will do it. Seems to really resent having a DVD in the drive.

Oddly, I am not seeing the same problem with XP Media Edition. Or at least, not yet...

Haven't found a fix either but am watching with interest.

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by maecuff In reply to Having the same problem w ...

Because I am COMPLETELY immature, I feel the need to point out that the title of your post is very funny. And I am very sorry that you are having problems with your old box. :)

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Holy Crap, Mae

by Tig2 In reply to T2

I have used the word "box" to refer to a computer for so many years now that I completely did not see that at all. Dear heaven, what if JD sees it? I am SO toast now!

Perhaps this is God's little way of teaching me humility?

I think it is time for me to go do something else until this whole thread vanishes...

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Nah..don't go away...

by maecuff In reply to Holy Crap, Mae

Just wait for an opportunity to get even. :) I promise you, it won't take long. I can't go very long without sticking my foot in my mouth.

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On a new media center PC

by w2ktechman In reply to Having the same problem w ...

that I purchased pre-built, I had the issue for a while. It is a dvd +/- RW DL lightscribe.
When it installed during the setup, it was found as said writer. Upon first using it, it changed to a cd drive and Roxio could not copy a cd or dvd, let alone use the lightscribe.
So, I couldnt let it go at all. AND Yes, the problem occurs in media center as well.
To fix it I blew away the drive and Roxio SW. Then I re-installed them. Works fine. P.S. Sonic/Roxio Digital Media sucks, if you want to use Roxio, use EZ CD/DVD Creator 6. Otherwise, try a different solution (like Nero).

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Did Anything Get Resolved?

by sumosource In reply to DVD drive thinks it a CD

My DVD Drive thinks it's a CD Drive. I am using Windows 2000 but I don't think that matters.

How can I get my DVD ROM to recognize DVDs? I did install Nero software too, but it (also) will only recognize the drive as a CD, not DVD...

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Adobe did it

by ronnyharris In reply to Did Anything Get Resolved ...

The problem is Adobe. If you want to mess with your registry, you can fix it, maybe...good luck...Wow...what a trip...

Adobe-Roxio thing...Installed Adobe Photoshop Elements but didn't connect the problem until I did a Goggle search...


I was going to buy a new drive...

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Didn't work for me

by Manumoka In reply to Adobe did it

I also suspect it's an Adobe-Roxio conflict. But I've uninstalled Roxio and Nero, and tweaked my registry as described, and still "not recognized." So I reinstalled Nero, and still "not recognized."

It seems like I'm running out of options.

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