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    DVD Drive Troubles


    by sumtymemaybe ·

    The icon for my HP dvd1040d writer says “DVD-RAM”. So I am unable to burn DVDs. It will play a DVD fine but when I eject the disc the drive does not refresh and the previous volume name remains. So I get “drive not accessible” for anything else I put in there. I ran autofix but it said it was unable to diagnose or fix the problem. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled and checked my connections. No change.

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      by sumtymemaybe ·

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      If this unit is still Under Guarantee

      by oh smeg ·

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      Call HP for a fix. If it’s no longer covered by HP’s Guarantee replace the DVD Burner as it sounds as if it has failed.

      Of course if you have installed any new software before this started to happen that could be the problem but without knowing what OS or other Software is in use here it’s impossible to suggest anything else.


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      Have you tried….

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      … removing the drive from Device Manager?
      I’m assuming you are using XP.

      I also have a dvd1040.
      Is yours an external USB drive as well or is the ‘d’ type an internal drive?

      My DVD drive also shows as a DVD-RAM drive. That is typical and has nothing to do with your issue.
      Your problem is most likely driver related.
      Since the dvd1040 uses a native XP driver, you should be able to remove it to clean up the situation.

      If it’s an external drive, It should be an easy thing to correct.
      Try disconnecting the drive and then removing all listings for it in Device manager. Then shut down, wait a bit, reboot, and reconnect the drive (connecting to a different USB port if possible).

      For an internal drive, the process for cleaning things up would be the same, except you need to be sure power is disconnected when unhooking and re-hooking up the drive.

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      HP System Diagnostics Utility

      by kd4pdy ·

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      HP offers a System Diagnostics Utility that allows you to see information about the OS and install devices. Under the Devices tab you can see a device manager tree. Devices in the right side box with a ! in a yellow circle were once installed but are not currently active or detected. You can right click on the entry and a option to uninstall is available. Items such as thumb drives, digital cameras and such that are currently not connected to the machine need not be removed. If they are, the next time the device is pluged in the Found New Hardware wizard will reinstall them.

      I would suggest that you do not remove any entries under the NON-Plug and Play Drivers. These seem to refrence services that run on the machine. Highlighted items here are services that only go active when called upon.

      This being said I would go the the DVD/CD Rom Drives section and remove all entries. Then you have two options one is a restart of system the other is to go to the device manager and right click on the computer name at the top of the tree and then Scan For Hardware Changes. Either option will bring up the new hardware found wizard and reinstall the device drivers.

      Link to the HP System Diagnostics Utility:

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