DVD drive will no longer read DVDs or burn them.

By fallenn2place ·
It wasn't too long ago that I was able to burn dvds, as usual. I'm a film student so it is very important that I have these capabilities. For about a month now, dvds will not burn or read.

I bought an external burner that will read discs but also will not burn them. I'm planning on returning unless someone out there knows what I can do.

Also, my C drive keeps complaining about a lack of space, and I have deleted all the backups of dvds but wonder if they are still on my drive somewhere where I can really delete them. There shouldn't be a lack of space because my external hard drive handles most everything except what has to run through C.

Please help! And thanks in advance!

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First, uninstall and reinstall the DVD software

by jardinier In reply to DVD drive will no longer ...

If that doesn't help, then I guess you have a hardware problem and will need to acquire a new DVD drive.

As for your C drive complaining about a lack of space, assuming you are using Microsoft OS, open "My Computer" and click on the C drive. You will soon enough see how much free space is still available.

One computer of mine kept on complaining that there was a lack of space on C drive, but it was not telling the truth.

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I've uninstalled and reinstalled.

by fallenn2place In reply to First, uninstall and rein ...

Still not working. Another person told me that the optical lens is probably screwed up and I think that might be true, but I don't understand why the external dvd drive won't work.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your reply.

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Besides the above answer

by OH Smeg In reply to DVD drive will no longer ...

Run a copy of Crap Cleaner over the system to delete any Temp Files and other rubbish that builds up with use.

Make sure that your Page File is not set to a unmanageable size that is taking up too much Disc Space. Windows needs at least 15% Free Space on a HDD to run properly if it has less that this it will throw up error messages telling you that you need to make room.

Now for the next thing External HDD should not be used indefinitely as they overheat and cause the drive to die without warning. So if you are using one all the time you should expect a Drive failure without any warning. It's also a much slower Interface to the system using it externally to what a internal drive is so it takes much longer to transfer the data from the HDD to the computer and then longer again to move it to the DVD Burner.

As for the low Disc Space what software are you using to burn DVDs? It has some type of Temp File that it saves the data to after processing it before sending it to the Burner to be burnt.

Also with any Optical Drive if you leave a Disc in it all the time it shortens the life of the drive dramatically. If the DVD Drive is reading & or burning CD's you have left a DVD Disc in the drive and the DVD Laser has failed. These drives have 2 Color Lasers or different Wavelengths Laser one to read/burn DVD and the other to read/burn CD so if that is happening yo have broken the external drive and I doubt that they will accept it back.

If the drive isn't reading any media look at the Lead that connects it to the computer for damage or the Plug that plugs into the computer. If there is any damage there replace the lead and try again to see if it now works.


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My internal drive

by fallenn2place In reply to Besides the above answer

You're probably right that the internal drive/laser is screwed up, but I don't think that the external burner is. Plus, when I check on the drives, it says, "This device is working properly."

Any of this sound familiar?

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Re This device is working properly

by OH Smeg In reply to My internal drive

This just means that there are no Hardware conflicts and that the Drivers are correctly installed. It doesn't mean that the drive is actually working it just means that the drive will work if it isn't broken.


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Drive will not burn cd.

by fallenn2place In reply to Re [i]This device is work ...

So, that means it's broken, right? I need to replace it?

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It could be broken or it could be the media

by OH Smeg In reply to Drive will not burn cd.

If you try a new Blank and it doesn't work it's the drive and if it does the Media that you are using has been damaged somehow and is no longer working.

Most times Media gets damaged by exposure to Sunlight and I've seen cases of a Spindle of 100 working for a time till the Damage gets too much for the Burner to recognize the Media and it then starts reporting Errors like No Disc Present.

The other possibility is that the actual media that you got isn't compatible with your Burner. This isn't very common with Internal Burners but some Propriety External Burners need a Special Brand/Type of Media and do not work with other brands.


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I think it's broken.

by fallenn2place In reply to It could be broken or it ...

Thanks so much for your reply!

It actually won't read any dvd discs, and it also will not burn a cd anymore. It tries to see what kind of disc it is, like they usually do, but then it wears out and the light stops flashing.

I think I just need a new drive. I might get an internal drive and an enclosure. Do you think that would work?

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Depends on the enclosure

by OH Smeg In reply to I think it's broken.

If it's a good one not a problem but some are not compatible with Vista. It's a Chip Set thing and while they are listed as OK for XP they can be flaky where as different ones with a different Chip Set work OK.

The Drive however needs to be set to Master before fitting to the enclosure. Well the IDE ones do at least the SATA ones are different and more expensive.


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by fallenn2place In reply to Besides the above answer

I use DVD Shrink that works with Nero.

Also, I don't know exactly what you mean by Page File, Lead.

I am going to see if my internal DVD R/RW drive will burn a cd, and I can get back to you about that.

I am going to try to take my computer to IT services here at school today about the disc space and the dvd drive problem.

Thanks again for your help.

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