DVD Drivers

By lonniec1143 ·
I am working on a toshiba lap top computer that has a faulty DVD driver. I uninstalled the driver and went to toshiba web site and reloaded it and it still will no work, how do I fix this problem.

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Upper/Lower filters issue?

by robo_dev In reply to DVD Drivers
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DVD Driver

by lonniec1143 In reply to Upper/Lower filters issue ...

The operating system is Windows XP, can there still be a problem with Upper/Lower filters?

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If the driver will NOT work then...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to DVD Drivers

I suggest/recommend you get a new one. Unless your computer is under warranty, then send it back to get it renewed. Drives now-a-days are cheap to replace.

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Stick a Boot Disc into the Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to DVD Drivers

And then enter BIOS and make sure that the Boot order is Optical Drive before the HDD and if the system boots off the Optical Disc the drive works.

However if the system will not boot off the Optical Disc the Drive is faulty. That is much more likely that and driver issue inside Windows.

What happens is that the owners leave Disc's in the drive all of the time and this causes the LED that generates the Laser to wear out, fail or whatever wording you prefer. If they leave a CD in the drive the Laser for the CD will stop working and if they leave a DVD in the Drive the same will happen to that as the DVD Drives have 2 Color/Wavelength Lasers in them so one type of Disc can be read while the other type remains unreadable.

When this happens many people get confused thinking that as one type of Disc is read it must be a Driver issue when it's actually a hardware failure.

If the unit is Under Guarantee return it to Toshiba for repairs and if it isn't any Slimline DVD Burner that is suitable will fit into the NB. That means you need to know if this is a IDE or SATA DVD Drive and buy the right type to replace the old one.


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