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DVD freeze

By wowtheworm ·
All DVDs when played on my copmuter freeze after 4-5 minutes of playback. The image freezes but the sound continues. The only way to get the image to update is to reopen the software.
It is not a problem with the DVD or the player (i have tried many).
I am running:
AMD sempron 2600+
512meg ram
gforce fx 5200 128meg
Windows XP
this is driving me mad! help..?

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by TheChas In reply to DVD freeze

I know we sound like a broken record with this, but start by scanning for spy-ware.

Run AdAware and / or SpyBot.

Then, see if you can reduce the number of programs that run in the background.

Every Icon in the system try represents a program that is using system resources.

Next, update:
DirectX 9C
Nvidia driver. Get the driver from Nvidia NOT Microsoft.
DVD software.

In BIOS settings, your AGP Aperture should be between 128MB and 256MB.
Any less and you are not taking full advantage of the 128MB on the video card.
Any more, and you will not be leaving enough free RAM for applications.

Still having problems?
Add more RAM.
1 GB of RAM is not overkill for XP with large video cards.


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by wowtheworm In reply to DVD freeze

okay, sorted it out.. it was my windvd codecs cutting the display after 5 minutes cuz they were trial... just thought i'd let you know for future reference of this sort of problem.

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by OTL In reply to DVD freeze

You found the solution close the question. Just reject all answers.

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