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    dvd media


    by topcat8 ·

    I just purchased the Sony DRX510ul DVD burner, and have been hearing all types of bad experiences with the media that people were using. I know that I can use Sony or Verbatum, but is there any type that is a little more cost efficient? I am planning to burn over 200 VHS tapes to DVD, so I don’t need to get cheap, just smart! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      by jamhill35 ·

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      I got the Sony burner U10A step up from the 510A,
      I burn a lot of vhs tapes to computer and then burn to dvd disk.I’ve gotten great results with the following software and media.
      I use Ulead Movie Factory 2,with a high speed Belkin USB 2.0 device.I’ve purchase my media from
      Shop 4 use Their Matrix DVD-R,1x-4x.
      They cost per 50 pack (#0.95)per unit.Burns good quality.I have windows xp.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      There are a lot of bargin DVD’s out there. The last batch I bought on a spindle were BMI and they worked out to be $1.38 each quantity of 100.

      The problem I have found is the cheapies might/probably won’t burn at rated speed without errors namely speckles, freezes or chatter.

      Now before ya’ll come a blazing. Yes I have a good master. It plays from the hard drive just fine and burned at a lower speed works out great.

      I usually run a test and burn at rated speed from each batch I buy. I also watch a few to make sure.If I get errors I drop the burn rate in half. This usually works.

      DVD’s that you probably won’t have to worry about will run $1.70 to $1.90 in lots of 100.

      If time is not a problem you can find deals you can deal with.

      If time is a premium. Stay with the name brands but they will cost more.


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      by topcat8 ·

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