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    dvd not reading disc


    by concertservices2 ·

    I have just made a new computer from scratch, the problem is that my (HP DVD 200I) is not reading my disc, it shows up on my bios, but it can not read anything, what do i do, the dvd is working because i tested it out with another machine, i already changed the cables, everything is good except that it does not read with this new install. Any suggestions? will it help if i was to update my bios? or does that have nothing to do with the problem? My

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      by thechas ·

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      If the drive is recognized by your BIOS, a BIOS update will NOT help unless the update SPECIFICALLY addresses problems with CD/DVD drives.

      At what point of setting up the PC are you at?

      If Windows is installed, and it will not read from a CD/DVD drive, download and install the drivers for the chip-set on the motherboard.

      If you are attempting to install Windows, what version?
      And, how are you booting up the PC?


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      Reply To: dvd not reading disc

      by ann777 ·

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      Check your DMA setings on the drive.

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