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I installed roxio easy cd creator 4 on my windows vista computer.DVD drivers won't load now.I formatted hard drive and installed xp but dvd drivers still won't load.I deleted upper and lower filters in registry but that didn't fix the problem.No update on roxio website for anything less than creator 5.3.Anyone have an answer to fix this problem other than buying an updated version of easy cd creator.

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1st of all - which system are you running here? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD PLAYER DRIVERS WON'T ...

Your title infers Windows XP but your body copy is detailing Windows Vista.

I don't mean to be a nit-picker but which one is it???

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System won't load dvd drivers

by charliehackit In reply to 1st of all - which system ...

I was originally running Windows Vista,however,when I lost the use of My dvd drive I formatted My hard drive and installed XP thinking that might fix the problem.It didn't.Now I can't reinstall Vista because it's on a dvd.

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by TheChas In reply to DVD PLAYER DRIVERS WON'T ...

Sorry, Easy CD 4 had very limited DVD drive support. Even Easy CD 6 does not support most of the newer DVD drives.

Aside from that, Easy CD 4 barely worked with Windows XP, let alone Vista. I believe you need at least version 7 of Easy CD for Vista.

Your only option is to buy a newer version of Easy CD or Nero. Or, you could try one of the many free and share-ware CD/DVD recorder software packages that are available.

Try NoNags.com or the downloads section of Cnet for some options.


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Easy CD Creator 4

by LarryD4 In reply to DVD PLAYER DRIVERS WON'T ...

As the name suggests Easy CD Creator 4 can only be used for CDs.
And my guess is it loaded a legacy DLL that only supports CD drives.

In XP you will need a DVD encoder to watch DVD's.

You should be able to access a DVD data disk but if you want to watch you need to buy a DVD player with the encoder built in.

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easy cd creator 4

by charliehackit In reply to Easy CD Creator 4

Yeah Larry,
I know easy cd creator is for cds.I also have a seperate cd recorder on My computer that works fine.It's only the drivers for the dvd player that won't load.The drivers are blocked from loading by the system because of the incompatibility of easy cd creator with My system.My dvd drive also could read and play cds when it was working before I installed easy cd creator 4.

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Easy CD 4 Should NOT Work With XP

by TheChas In reply to DVD PLAYER DRIVERS WON'T ...

I went back and checked my Easy CD downloads and files. Version 4 was only ever for Windows 95, 98, Me and 2000.

Windows XP was NEVER a supported platform for Easy CD 4. It may have worked if you had a Windows 9X system with Easy CD 4 installed and then installed XP as an upgrade.

No small part of the problem you are having is that the built in Windows XP CD/DVD burning software is a stripped down version of Easy CD 5.

Even to install the full version of Easy CD 5 on an XP system, you had to install a patch first, then the software, and finish by installing the patch again.

You really have no option but to uninstall Easy CD 4 and either use the built in utility or install a newer free-ware, share-ware or commercial CD/DVD software suite.


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