dvd player reads blank disk as full

By trollz ·
Both my DVD burner and CD burner show blank disks as full. I have turned the recording feature on in properties, uninstalled and reinstalled updated drivers, but when i try to burn files to disk it will eject the disk stating incorrect media or full disk. In the properties box the blank disks read full. I have tried 10 different DVD and Cd's from the 100 stacks I have. Any suggestions

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It could be a lot of things

by zlitocook In reply to dvd player reads blank di ...

Have you installed any new programs? Do you have more then one DVD/CD writing programs installed?
If you use Nero and any other writer program they could be interfering with each other. Uninstall all writing software, look to Nero's web site to learn how to remove their software completely.
This may not work because of the registry entries that not removed.
There are other things you can try like modifying the registry to tell it that you have a DVD/CD writer but these normally do not work all the time.
Remove the writer programs and do a nondestructive reinstall of XP this will fix most problems. This will replace bad or corrupt drivers and files.
Look here for how to do this.
You can also try another drive, it is possiable that it is going bad.

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Have you used this brand of Blank Media previously?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dvd player reads blank di ...

If not it is most likely incompatible with your Burners.

if it has worked previously it could be because it has been exposed to direct Sunlight or Heat which has ruined the Blank Media or maybe something has corrupted Your OS Files and you need to perform a Clean New Install of the OS.

Previously I have seen bad batches of Blank Media and the only cure was to replace it with a different batch/Brand.


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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to dvd player reads blank di ...

Try a lens cleaner
Check to see if there are any Firmware Updates for the CD/DVD by checking the manufacturers site for Updates.
Have you got access to another CD\DVD Drive. If you have swap it over and see if you are still having problems.
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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Having the same problem

by Miamilakes In reply to dvd player reads blank di ...

I have a 2003 computer that came with norton pre-installed. It took hours to uninstall that junk. I used their uninstall tool and many other ways to get rid of it. After I was done, my internet didn't work..took a while to fix that. But now my DVD burners, Lite-On and the Pioneer both read blank discs as full. I have no idea how Norton could have messed up my internet and my burners...but some how it did. Any help with this would be great.

DVD burners both work.
Same media being used.
Updated firmware.
Uninstalled dvd burners.
-don't want to reinstall windows because that crappy Norton is on the recovery disc and I don't want that on my computer. Besides it takes hours to reinstall and update all my games and programs.

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