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DVD+CDR drives wrecked by protected CD

By Chague ·
I tried to copy my friends CD of Massive Attack. I put it in my DVD drive and copied to the CDR drive as usual. It failed. HOWEVER, ever since - my DVD drive is unusable - distorted image, film jumps, sound distorted. The same for the CDR drive. Does anyone have any solutions? I'd be most grateful.

FYI The sound card is fine because I have since played music that I had on the hard drive.

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Actually, it's a CDRW drive, sorry

by Chague In reply to DVD+CDR drives wrecked by ...

Sorry, I said CDR drive instead of CDRW

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by TheChas In reply to DVD+CDR drives wrecked by ...

I have a couple ideas.

First, you will usually get more and quicker answers if you post technical questions in the Technical Q&A section.

It is possible that the source CD was dirty, and the laser lens on your DVD drive is now dirty.

I haveNO specific recommendations on cleaning DVD drive lenses.
I have seen postings that the standard CD lens cleaners WILL damage a CD-RW or DVD player lens.
So, if you decide to attempt to clean the lens, get a name brand kit SPECIFICALLY designed for DVD drives / players.

Another possibility, is that the CD was warped or unbalanced. While not likely, if the CD was warped enough, it could have come in physical contact with the DVD lens and scratched it.
If so, your only option is a new DVD drive.


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Solution Found

by Chague In reply to Ideas

Thank you Chas, I have now resolved the problem. I hope it is helpful for you/others if I list here the things I tried, and what finally worked ..

1. I got a DVD cleaning kit and used it - but not change.
2. I checked if the DVD tray was warped but it was not.
3. I checked if the original CD was warped or scratched, but it was not.
4. I activated direct access to memory (DMA), but no use. (this step was recommended by Windows XP help)
5. Then, I downloaded and installed the driverfor my DVD from the internet site of manufacturer. (I am pretty certain that it is the same that I already installed when I bought the computer in 2001.) AND that worked. The problems stopped immediately.

I wonder if it is possible that the copyright-protected-CD tampered with the driver of my DVD player, or is it more likely to be a co-incidence? I would have thought it to be illegal for a company to manufacure a CD that could cause such problems.

Thanks for yr help Chas

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by timwalsh In reply to DVD+CDR drives wrecked by ...

But I have to butt in my two-cents worth here.

While I think is PROBABLY coincidence that your driver failed here, I find it disconcerting that your would complain about the legality of a software firm doing something like this (to protect its copyrighted material, at the same time you are telling us you ran into this problem while copying (illegally) a copyright-protected CD. What's wrong with this picture?

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by Chague In reply to Sorry,

I understand what you are saying. However, I was copying a music CD for my friend to use himself - one for his car, one for his office. Isn't that ok? He assured me that it was perfectly legal to have two copies of a copyright material in ones own possession. I didn't even bother to look at the CD and only saw the copyright notice after I realised that something was wrong.

However, my question regarded the drastic measures. It is one thing for a music company to prevent something being copied, but it is another thing to wreck an individual's personal computer. Of course, the possibility still exists that this was a coincidence.

In fact, I spoke too soon when I said that the solution had been found - I tried to play a DVD again today and after 30 minutes it was skipping again. I have not tried it with all the DVD softwares yet, but it doesn't look good.

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Maybe, maybe not

by jkaras In reply to

I dont know about that but, I tried to copy on my stereo system my copy of Band of Brothers dvd set onto VHS. The result was distorted image fading in and out and poor sound quality. I tried multiple times even substituting a different vcr to no avail as well as adjusting connections. I went to the leading electronic store in town called sound advice to determine whether it was my connection wrongly put together. Inside 5 seconds into the question he stopped me and informed me that there is a copy write protection coded into the newer dvds that send bad signals eliminating coping and could damage hardware. I argued with him that I have taped off of dvds many times without issue. He told me to recopy the successful one to see, but warned meofthe damage factor. I didn't call his bluff due to my previous success vs. new dvd, it wasnt worth the validation. Dont know if that helps or not, just thought I would share.

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