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DVD/+R+RW problems....Won't play DVD's

By woodnwick ·
Hello, I purchased a 16xDVD+R+RW Double layer Burner. I can get it to play music cd's and burn cd's but not play DVD's. Also XP crashes when I run some of the burner programs which I read would happen if the proper driver was not installed. When I try to install it, XP crashes again. I am using Nero 6 software which includes the decoder. Windows Media wants to default in and will not read Neros decoder and informs me not to use it with Windows Media. I would like to know how I can override Windows Media and also get the DVD's to play. I also kept my old dvd burner in as an extra cd rom. I have both hooked up as slaves just like they were when I changed them out. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same. Thank you for any advice you can give me. Cindy

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by TheChas In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

Both drives are set as slaves?

Are the drives on the same or different IDE cables?

If they are on the same IDE cable, 1 drive MUST be set as master.

Is Nero the same software that you used with the old drive?

If not, the 2 different burning programs may interfere with each other.

It is generally recommended to have only 1 burning program installed at a time.

What service pack level is your XP at?

You need at least SP1, or a number of updates installed to support DVD burners.

Have you checked for software updates for Nero?

Installing the latest update might correct your problem.

As to playing DVD movies, does Nero include a full viewer package, or just the codec for decoding the DVD MPEG files?

If it is just the codec, then you do need Windows Media player or another multi-media player to run the codec.


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by willcomp In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

An addenda to Chas's response.

If using Windows Media Player to play DVDs, you need to upgrade to version 9 or 10, preferably 10.

Most DVD drives come with either WinDVD or Power DVD for playing movie DVDs. I recommend Power DVD if you have a choice.


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by woodnwick In reply to
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by woodnwick In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

Thank you for your recent help and your checklist was fantastic. I went step by step and I have great results.
But now I have driver conflicts and my pc is very slow at loading pages locks up. Can I do XP repair to take care of the problem? When I tried the repair it asked for a password which it has been a long time since I did a repair and don't know what it is. I researched in MS website and could not locate the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if I have to resubmit to another category I will do it also.

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by woodnwick In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by woodnwick In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

Thank you for submitting all the links to the various websites. I found my answer after I submitted this. Thank you for the great help.

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by woodnwick In reply to DVD/+R+RW problems....Wo ...

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