DVD+R writer won't burn but will read

By mr_cod ·
I bought some DVD-R disks to do some backupping of my HD, but the DVD+R writer tell me there is no media in the drive. It will play DVD movies just fine.

What could be wrong?


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Plus Only?

by TheChas In reply to DVD+R writer won't burn b ...

It is possible that you have a drive that is only capable of writing DVD+R disks.

Some of the early drives were only capable of +R or -R disks. You had to make a choice of which format you wanted to use.

If this drive is a +/- capable drive, then what you may need is a drive update for your burning software.


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What is the make and model of your dvd burner?

by jenueheightz In reply to DVD+R writer won't burn b ...

What is the make and model of your dvd burner?
What software are you using to burn with?

Unless you have a very old burner, it should recognize dvd-r as well as dvd+r.

So what have you got?

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_Nec DVD+RW ND-2100AD

by mr_cod In reply to What is the make and mode ...

_Nec DVD+RW ND-2100AD is the name of the DVD drive - I can't seem to find other info. It came with the PC.

I am using Nero and Alcohol 120%.

I bought some DVD+R and it will burn to those.
I also searched on google and other people have the same problem. Some one was talking about Flashing the drive, but is it "dangerous" ? I am assuming it isn't unless the power goes or something like that.

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No Specs

by TheChas In reply to _Nec DVD+RW ND-2100AD

I could not find the specifications for this specific drive on NEC's web site.

There is a firmware update for the drive that "might" be applicable for your drive.

Updating the firmware for a drive is similar to flashing the BIOS on a motherboard. The primary risk is getting the wrong update, or as you questioned, loosing power in the midst of an update.

If you decide to update the firmware, read over the instructions carefully and follow them.


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Firmware Update Needed

by willcomp In reply to _Nec DVD+RW ND-2100AD

That's an older drive and you need to update firmware so drive will recognize newer media. Here's a link to updates:


One caveat: That is an 8X DVD +/- R/RW drive and you may need to use 8X +/-R media rather than 16X media even after a firmware update. As best I recall, firmware updates on older NEC drives allow use of 16X media.

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Also beside the above answers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVD+R writer won't burn b ...

Are you positive that you actually have a DVD Burner.

Quite often Combo Drives have been used in computers particularly the Off The Shelf types that will read DVD but only record CD media.


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Which burning software are you using?

by IT cowgirl In reply to DVD+R writer won't burn b ...

In addition to all the questions above, which DVD burning application are you using?

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Firmware Update

by willcomp In reply to DVD+R writer won't burn b ...

If drive is a -R compatible DVD burner, you may need a firmware update to recognize newer media. Post your make/model (should have been included in question initially since it's critical information).

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oh yes i forgot

by mr_cod In reply to Firmware Update

_Nec DVD+RW ND-2100AD as above - Sorry it should have been included. I forgot when i initially posted it.

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Well provided you are careful and take precautions

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to oh yes i forgot

A Firmware Update will not hurt. The main thing you need to be sure about is that you don't loose power while the Update is being applied so I always use a UPS when running any Firmware updates on anything.

If you get the wrong Firmware version it should tell you while you are attempting to install it something like you have chosen to install Firmware for Product XYZ when you are using Product ZYX Do you Wish to continue. If you see something Like that I would advise against continuing as you will most likely make the drive unusable.

However if you don't get any warnings it's safe to proceed and I've found that with Optical Drives it can improve the performance of the units and at the very least make they work better with Windows XP.

You should be able to use any quality Media in the drive once it's had it's firmware updated but because this is a +R Drive it's anyones guess what it will accept after the Firmware Flash. At the moment you know that you should buy DVD +R and not DVD -R and generally speaking any speed Media will work to the Max Speed of the Burner.

Personally if it was me I would apply the Firmware Update without a second thought and as NEC don't seem to offer any form of warranty with their products even if it trashed the drive you can replace it with something newer at a reasonable cost that will work with everything available.


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