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dvd-r or dvd+r, whats the difference????

By uziel ·
i got myself a new LG DVD+R/-R/RW drive and i was about to buy the blank DVD disks when i realized the price difference between different dvd medias. what's the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R and cost difference between these two media?

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by TheChas In reply to dvd-r or dvd+r, whats the ...

DVD+ and DVD- are simply 2 competing DVD-R formats.

While they are not compatible formats, there are no specific advantages to either format.

The only factor to look at is do any drives that you may wish to share the use of the disks in support the format.

The price difference is basic supply and demand.


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by BlitzSonik In reply to dvd-r or dvd+r, whats the ...

From personal experience DVD-r seem to play back in more players then the DVD+r.

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by Boli In reply to dvd-r or dvd+r, whats the ...

DVD-R's are the 1's for video, either in DVDRW drives or DVD recorders for ur TV. 100% of DVD recordes take DVD-R and a few will take DVD+R.

you can use DVD+R's in computer for video's but its recomended that you use DVD-R.

basicly: DVD-R's format... its more compatible

BUT... DVD+R's came out first...

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by Gooser12 In reply to dvd-r or dvd+r, whats the ...

DVD-r is the older DVD version - it runs on more machines. The newer is DVD+r which is supposed to have some better quality and burn faster, this plays more often on newer devices and isn't always picked up by the older.

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