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DVD reader problem

By allouh4 ·
Latest My 16X Gigabyte DVD reader couldnt read any DVD Discs and only read CD's , the problem when i insert a DVD a sound like crackling is heared and then the DVD Disc stops as it doesnt exist.
I asked a nearby vendor and he said this problem is common and it is in the lens and it cant be fixed.
I didn't satisfied with his answer and i think there is a solution for this problem.
If i update the firmware version, does this solve the problem.
some one guide me plz.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to DVD reader problem

Try the dvd reader in another system. If the problem follows the drive, then junk it. It is way cheeper to buy a new one than to try and reapair it. You could try the firmware flash, but there is no guarantees that that will solve your issues if it is hardware related.

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by gsquared In reply to DVD reader problem

Crackling sound is probably the belt that controls the position of the laser that reads the disk. If that's slipping over the teeth of the gears that drive it, it will make such a noise.

This could, conceivably, be fixed. It will be cheaper and easier to replace the drive. Internal drives can be found for less than $100, external for a bit more. And that's with all the read/write features and options.

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by shuja52 In reply to DVD reader problem

It may be your system problem, Same type of Problem occured in my cleint PC, I mount it on other PC it works fine, There may be Problem in MOBO IDE, because though I format the OS an dre-install, problem presist.

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