DVD Recorder to PC connection

By joeconti ·
I want to buy a DVD Recorder to connect to my TV. That should be very simple but I want to be able to connect my PC to the DVD Recorder to be able to transfer movies from my PC to the DVD Recorder hard drive and back. This will save me the time and effort of having to burn DVDs on my PC to watch them on my TV.

I can do this without having to buy a DVD Recorder but I would like to record TV programs while I am at work, copy them to my PC and compile my personal videos and copy them via LAN/RJ45, USB or whatever connection is available between the DVD Recorder and my PC

Does anyone know of a DVD Recorder that can do this?

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Not easily

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVD Recorder to PC connec ...

There is no problems transferring from the computer to the DVD Recorder but back the other way is a totally different story.

You'll first need to buy the DVD Recorder and see what it has in the way of connections on it and then you should be able to use the RCA Video Out to transfer Video to the DVD Recorder that is maybe on your Video Card or you'll need to buy a new Video Card with the RCA Feed to a TV.

The audio should be a simple feed directly from the Audio Out ports to the Audio In Ports on the DVD Recorder.

The problem comes in attempting to feed a signal back into the Computer as depending on the outlets you will probably need a Capture Card something like one of these


Or if you have a M'Board with PCIe sockets one of these


Which would be the better option if you have the available Sockets as they give you full access to the buss and faster data transfer rates. But that will only handle the Video unless the DVD Recorder can sent out a composite feed to the TV and even then you'll be loosing the Surround Sound as the best that you can hope for is that you get Stereo back into the system through a loop back cable to the Audio In Jack on the sound card.


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