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By m12a1982 ·
Back in September 2002 I purchased a Liton DVD reader LTD-165H I've been using ever since.
For the last week the drive is starting to get very picky about which CD's it wants to read, at first it starting have trouble reading copied Computer CD's, few days later it started having trouble reading copied DVD-R's and now it wont read original Computer CD?s the only thing it reads is original Audio CD?s and original DVD?s and that?s all.
What I want to know is what are my Options do I need a new Drive or can update the Firmware.
Thank you.

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by Oz_Media In reply to DVD-Rom

Your best bets are to A) Couls be dirty, clean the lasers with a cleaning disk or q-tip kit, B)It may be due to a bent tray or misaligned laser (common) and will require service.

DVD's unlike regular CDROM's or CDRW's use multi layer technology to store more information, thus requiring a MUCH more refined laser and trackig system, alignment has been probably the biggest problem I've seen.

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by TheChas In reply to DVD-Rom

As Oz stated, the most likely cause of your problem is dirt on the laser lens.

Make sure that you use a name brand cleaning kit that is rated for use with DVD drives.

To reduce the chance of this problem happening again, install a case fan that blows air into the case. This will reduce the amount of dust that is pulled through the DVD drive by the power supply exhaust fan.


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