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dvd rom cannot read commercial dvd's

By barlet4094 ·
My Compaq DVD-ROM DVD-115 is refusing to read commercial dvd's, being of whatever region. It can read with ease data dvd's and home-movies dvd's as long as they do not have any kind of encryption. It is not a question of codecs since the second dvd drive, being a Pioneer dvd-RW 107D, reads them (css-encrypted commercial dvd's) with ease. Can someone please shed some light on this problem? How can I get my Compaq dvd drive to read commercial (css encrypted) dvd's?

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what happens?

by mrafrohead In reply to dvd rom cannot read comme ...

What happens when you put a movie into the drive?

Can you see the disk is actually in the drive via Windoze Explorer?

Can you see the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders on the disk through explorer?

I don't quite understand why you are having this type of problem specific to CSS. If you can let me know those answers, I can probably help you.

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I see nothing at all

by barlet4094 In reply to what happens?

I see nothing at all!! The drive does not even recognise there is a dvd in it. And as I said, it only acts this way on commercial encrypted dvd's. Home dvd's and data dvd's can be read with ease. That is why I am baffled by all this!

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Upon research.

by mrafrohead In reply to dvd rom cannot read comme ...

Your Compaq DVD rom is actually made by Pioneer.

There is no reason for it to not work properly. Maybe try flashing the firmware, maybe something is not quite right. Or maybe the laser is just crapping out on you...

I had my last DVD rom drive. Before it died, it slowly went from not reading movies, to not reading data DVD's, right down to at the end no reading CD's anymore...

The more that I'm thinking about it, the more I'm thinking that that may be your problem.

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I thought so

by barlet4094 In reply to Upon research.

I thought so! I cannot for the life of me see how Windows assigned a Compaq trade mark on a Pioneer DVD. As for it starting to die down slowly, I would be surprised since it is getting a bit old. So I guess, I have to dig deep in the pocket for a new one! I shall just let take its natural course and then change it altogether. Thanks for the help anyway.

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A few things.

by mrafrohead In reply to I thought so

First off... Your drive really does sound like it's dying to me.

One thing you can try is to reflash the firmware and see if that helps at all. There may just be a problem with it interpreting the data. It may have corrupt somewhere...

If that doesn't work, then get a new one.

Personally, I would recommend a Lite-On 16x drive. You can get one from NewEgg for about 35 bucks delivered. (I know, I ordered one for myself about two months ago). It's a little loud when it's cranking out files, but it works very well. And it's very cheap.

Hope this helps.

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by barlet4094 In reply to A few things.

Thanks for your advise. I certainly will be getting a new one as soon as I can afford one as things are tough at the moment.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Thanks

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