DVD Rom doesn't Read Burned DISCs !!

By Justdream ·

Kindly support my DVD Rom doen't read any birned DVD/CD only read original one
I don't know why?

I'm using DEL studio/ windows 7

Kindly support as I've already birned all my data since few years ago on several CDs !!!

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Are you sure that it fails to read both types of Disc?

by OH Smeg In reply to DVD Rom doesn't Read Burn ...

CD and DVD use a different wavelength Laser to read/burn the disc's so it's very unlikely that both types of Disc are unreadable.

Anyway regardless recorded disc's require a more intense Laser Beam to read them so the obvious thing is that a Disc has been left in the drive for a lot of the time that the computer is running and the Laser LED has lost intensity and fallen below the threshold of being able to read the Disc.

As stated previously this generally only happens to the 1 type of Disc so if you have left Cd's in the drive while they are not being used it's the CD that is unreadable and if you have left DVDs in the drive while the system is running it's the DVD Disc's that become unreadable.

But as a double check insert a Boot Disc and then start the computer after setting the BIOS to Boot from the Optical Drive before the HDD and if the system boots from the Optical Drive with a Burnt Disc in it then you have a software problem that is somehow preventing the Burnt disc's from being read.

You can repeat this process with both a CD and DVD to make sure that both types actually work or not.

If they do not work you need to replace the Optical Drive. As to how you do this it's a bit hard to give instructions without the exact model number but you can search your Model Number and Service Manual on the Dell Web Site and download the Service Manual for your Model system.


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Have You Checked

by dogknees In reply to DVD Rom doesn't Read Burn ...

Your DVDs on another PC to make sure they are not the issue?

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Bios Double check

by Justdream In reply to DVD Rom doesn't Read Burn ...

I've made check by inserting Bootable CD/ DVD and restat laptop with giving priority to boot firstly from CD/DVD but laptop take few minutes without doing any action then start windows normally !!

- I'm currently not able to test my CDs/DVDs in another laptop

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new systems don't always read older burn formats . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to DVD Rom doesn't Read Burn ...

CDs / DVDs written with:
- Adaptec's DirectCD
- Roxio / Sonic's Drag2Disc / DLA
- Nero's InCD
- the packet writer in Vista


will only be readable on the original system that created them
with the exception of the setting: "Close to read on any computer" (which isn't the default setting)

but even discs created with that setting can still be problematic with newer optical drives as the format might not be supported in the drive's firmware

try ISOBuster or CDRoller
both are payware and both have a trial that will allow you to see if there is any recoverable data before you buy
but doesn't do recovery of data until you buy

ISOBuster - $30
CDRoller - $39

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