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    DVD-ROM Issues


    by kuhlio ·

    Running Windows XP Pro, Pioneer 160s DVD-ROM, GeForce3 Nvidia chipset with latest drivers on all. DVD player will not play DVDs. Audio CDs and data CDs are fine. Used a total of three media players (Windows Media Player 8 and 10, Interactual also), same result. Have already played with display settings, reboots multiple DVDs, checked physical connections. Device will read a DVD-ROM’s contents (e.g. I can explore the contents of the CD), but when trying to play the DVD, it gives black screen, no audio. Causes an application hang event in Windows application log. Any ideas would be extremely useful and appreciated.

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      Reply To: DVD-ROM Issues

      by thechas ·

      In reply to DVD-ROM Issues

      While WMP can be used as a DVD player, you need an external codec to actually process the mpeg on the DVD.

      I use Power DVD from Cyber Vision.
      Another popular program is Win DVD.

      Both can be found on-line for under $10 (US).

      There are some free-ware programs too.

      I cannot make specific recommendations since I have not used them.

      Check the appropriate sections at or

      Did a CD come with the DVD drive?
      It might have software on it to play DVDs.


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        Reply To: DVD-ROM Issues

        by kuhlio ·

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        While it may prove to work with one player or another, it does not really answer the question as to why either of the two players don’t play the video or audio from a DVD. Thanks anyway.

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      Reply To: DVD-ROM Issues

      by thechas ·

      In reply to DVD-ROM Issues

      Neither Windows Media Player, or Interactual include the CODEC needed to play DVD videos.

      From Interactual:

      “InterActual Features can be enjoyed on any Windows computer with a Direct-Show compatible DVD player/decoder and DVD-ROM drive. The system has to be able to play DVD Video (minimally) to enjoy InterActual Features.”

      From Microsoft:

      “4.9 Why can’t I play a DVD?
      There are several reasons why you might not be able to use Windows Media Player to play a DVD. The following are the most common reasons.

      * A compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.
      * A DVD drive is not installed in your computer (most DVD drives have a DVD logo printed or embossed on the front of the drive).
      * Windows XP is not installed on your computer.
      * Windows Media Player 9 Series or later is not installed on your computer.”


      If a software CD came with your DVD drive, a DVD player / decoder should be on the disk.
      You may need to download an update for it to function with XP.

      If you bought an OEM DVD drive, it may not have come with the decoder software.

      In that case, you will need to purchase separate DVD player software.

      Or try one of the free DVD codec solutions from


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