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dvd rom or win xp

By mac ·
Ive got a dvd rom drive,, toshiba sd-m1502 drive that will play any and all dvd's,, but it wont play any cd's of any format,burned or store bought music cd's.. I have windows xp sp2 full updated and all up to date drivers and just blinks at me,, when i try to explore the drive, windows responds with invalid windows file format,my cdrw will read any cd-rom I stuff in it,but not the dvd-rom,it used to read any disk of any kind without any trouble,, but it seems to me that it quit reading cd's after one of microsofts security updates..... any idea's ??..
the only thing i havent tryed yet is removing the cdrw drive and the dvd-rom, swaping the slave master settings and going through the motions,, but like i said,, it worked fine a while back and there hasnt been any changes in the systems hardware or operating system except for microsofts security updates............

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by myrrys In reply to dvd rom or win xp

Maybe you could try firmware patch.
It?s not official - read carefully what they say about it and install it if yoy like to try it:


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by robo_dev In reply to dvd rom or win xp

Same thing happened to looked like a hardware problem, but it was just a 'gates' problem. I swapped the CD-ROM and cables, but it still would not work. It was a Windows XP update thing, although the pos iTunes may have been part of the problem.

As I recall...control panel device manager was showing the 'X?' for the CD ROM drive and a code 41. I had to mess with the 'upper and lower filters' in the registry....see link below.

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by mac In reply to dvd rom or win xp

Acording to an IT hardware tech, there are 2 lasers in the sd-m1502 dvdrom drive, one for cdroms, one for dvdroms,,,,, i tryed all the above suggestions, devs manager was clean, but tryed it anyway,,flashed the firmware,, still no cdrom operation,,so it would seem that the laser for the cdrom died,the dvdrom part still works fine.....thanks for the help anyway..

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