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dvd rom will read cd but not dvd's

By leaundrae ·
my cd/dvd rom drive will play cd's but not dvd's. I recently ugrgr aded to win xp but I have installed a compatible decoder for windows xp and according the the decoder checker it is compatible with media player 10 which i use. Just a minute ago I recieved a message saying that the dvd drive could not be read and that it wasnt formatted. Is there away to format a dvd drive? If so how should I go about doing this?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dvd rom will read cd but ...

I think that you'll find that the problem here is software related and to view DVD Movies you'll need something like Power DVD or Win DVD or any of the others available currently media Player isn't the best option to play DVD Movies.

In answer to your second question Yes it is possible to format a DVD but it has to be at the very least a recordable and you need a DVD Burner again you'll need some recording software normally that will be either Nero or Easy CD/DVD Creator both of which have their own media players in them.


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by leaundrae In reply to dvd rom will read cd but ...

I have tried downloading diffrent dvd decoders but the proble is that my computer does not reconize my dvd drive. I have a dual dvd/cd drive. It reads audio cd's and cd-roms but will not reconize dvd's. I dont know maybe the problem is driver related. I don't much about computers but I feel that I have tried every thing. Does any one have any suggestions.


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by wlbowers In reply to dvd rom will read cd but ...

You should be able to go into windows explorer and browse the dvd.

If you can't do that then there is an issue with the drive and windows.

Try going to the device manager and remove the dvd drive. Now reboot and let the system find it again.


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by crunchedtobite In reply to dvd rom will read cd but ...

i see that this post is old, but maybe you are still watching....i had the same problem, and i could not play dvds in windows media player BUT i can using realplayer. you can download it for free, i usually go to zdnet for all my downloads. maybe you don't have a decoder, in that case you can download the nero program trial (60 days). nero is a large collection of cd/dvd player/burner programs and if you have an older pc, will clog up your memory and cpu, so to prevent that make sure when you install it you only choose the nero showtime program( you will be givin choices of what to install...use the custom install option)NERO SHOWTIME is for viewing dvd. don't bother installing the helppfile, it is not there anyway. and after you install it make sure that the options or preferences are set to not automatically start nero when you start your pc (you can start it when you want to). if you have a new computer with lots of ram and a few gigs cpu, you can run nero probably with no problem, and nix the realplayer. but like i said, nero has alot of redundant programs that clog up valuable memory and cpu resources, so check your setting in nero to see how you can use nero with optimal results. you get a 60 day trial, and if you like it, you can buy it. check your windows setting to make sure the hardware (the dvd/cd unit nd/or your video and sound cards) are set to play dvds- right click on my computer and then right click on your dvd drive, click properties and there you can change you settings. what os are you running? these directions are for winxp pro) if you have any questions i will be watching this topic....i would like to know if you resolved this and how you did it

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