DVD ROMS in NETWORK not working

By RobertQ&A ·
Ok so imp having a problem with me DVD ROMs in my network. I can burn cds on some of them but not all. But after I put in a blank DVD in the drive it won?t read it at all, or when I click on it tell me incorrect function. I have thought it may be a GPO that was blocking me but I could not find one causing it. Anyone have any thoughts? Oh also I did buy a new set of DVDs just incase I was the most unlucky person around and had a stack of bad disk.

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DVD burners

by patb071 In reply to DVD ROMS in NETWORK not w ...

Are your sure that the machines have DVD burners?

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Or even..

by Brenton Keegan In reply to DVD burners

or even if they do. Do they have the right kind of DVD burners. They aren't all the same.

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If you get Multi-reader cd/dvd drives, you would be fime

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to DVD ROMS in NETWORK not w ...

With a Multireader cd/dvd drive, you can load on nearly any cd/dvd disk. Now-a-days they come with blu-ray as well.

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by RobertQ&A In reply to If you get Multi-reader c ...

Well here is a little more information. First lets just take it down to one drive. We will use the one of my servers, its has a "Plextor PX-708A" and can read cd/dvds that have data or programs on them. But when i insert a blank disk i get "D is not accessible. Incorrect function" i have looked to see if it was a GPO, and i have updater the firmwear on it also.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to update

May be you are having DVD-ROMs installed instead of DVD-Writers/Burners installed in your machines. Hence it may be happening as you are mentioning. Check it. Also post which OS you are using for the purpose and type/model of the DVD drive and even the type/version/brand of DVD Burning Software, if any.

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blank disc

by balge In reply to update

what do you expect it to do with an empty, unformatted drive? Of course its unaccesible, its empty....

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by RobertQ&A In reply to DVD ROMS in NETWORK not w ...

OS: Microsoft server 2003 SD
DVD drive:plextor dvdr px-708a
driver: 5.2.3790.0

have not tried to use/download and burning programs yet. I first wanted to have it recognize the disk that i will be useing to burn on. Than i will be burning data/ files off the server for hard copies.

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won't recognise them

by balge In reply to Update

windows won't recognise them until there's some data on it to read

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Are you some sort of magician ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Update

Because only a magician can produce something out of thin air.

Or in your case, data from an empty unused optical disc.

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