Dvd rw (disc reader) suddenly failing to ready anything but DVDs

By la_joh ·
I can try to insert random normal music cds, to cdroms and burned cds without getting a read on it. Changing settings in properties doesnt help it. wierd thing is it plays /burns dvds/dvdrs without problems.

Im not sure exactly when the problem first occoured. But its possible it happened after a format etc. I the driver seems to be fine, Ive been trying to find the driver and reinstall but I cant seem to find it anywhere.

drive type etc:

I tried removing that unsigned dll but I had to roll it back .

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dvd rw (disc reader) sudd ...

Sounds like the CD laser-lens has given up, you can try cleaning it or replacing the unit.

Optical Drive Cleaning
When you are cleaning a CD or DVD drive, there are two things that generally need to be cleaned - the tray and the lens. Cleaning the tray is simple - take some glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, apply it to a cloth, and rub the tray until it is clean. Leave it open for a moment until the tray has dried, and then you're done. To clean the actual lens, you will have to go out and purchase a CD drive cleaning kit for tray-based CD players (they have different ones for caddy and auto feed drives - if you have one of those you will need a cleaning kit specifically for that type). Follow the directions on the box to clean the drive. Generally this involves applying some fluid to the bogus CD (which conveniently has a brush on it) and allowing the drive to spin up (making this one of the few cleaning operations that needs to be done when the computer is on).

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Do you leave CD Disc's in this drive when they are not being used?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dvd rw (disc reader) sudd ...

If you do you need to know that the drive is running and the Laser that reads the CD is working. This is a different color Laser to the DVD Burner & Reader Laser as DVD Burners have 2 distinct lasers in them one for CD's and one for DVDs.

If you consistently leave a Disc in the drive when it is not being used the LED used to generate the Laser Beams eventually fails as it has a limited life and once it has reached this time it simply stops working any more and the result is that the type of Disc that that Laser Reads no longer is usable in that drive.

The answer here is to replace the Drive with a new one and not to leave disc's int he drive needlessly. If you need to use a Disc regularly use a Virtual Drive and copy the Disc's Data to the HDD this will extend the life of the Burner and in the event of Games give much faster response from the Virtual Drive than a Real Drive. Virtual Drives respond about 100 Times faster and consume far less power than a real drive.

OH BTW the Lasers are actually different Wavelengths but I use the term Color to try to help nontechnical people understand the difference involved here. :)


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Different colours ARE different wavelengths anyway ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Do you leave CD Disc's in ...

So you're OK with the colour analogies.

Let's just draw the line at the half-life for each colour, since not only are they all different wavelengths but they're also all radioactive. :)

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Yep OM I know that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Different colours ARE dif ...

But when the wavelengths are outside the Visible Light Spectrum some people find that concept hard to grasp.

Can I please talk about Half Liefs Please?

But as the one LED is involved with the newer DVD Drives at the very least many people fail to grasp the fact that a LED can be more than 1 Wavelength. Then again many fail to grasp what a PN Junction is too. :^0

Col ]:)

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It's probably your DVD laser asssembly...

by Charles Bundy In reply to Dvd rw (disc reader) sudd ...

You've got two diodes in there one for CD/CDR wavelength and one for the DVD wavelength. DVD assembly is probably deep sixed...

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Sorry meant CD laser, and Jacky's already covered it...

by Charles Bundy In reply to It's probably your DVD la ...

Need more coffee...

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Coffee is good

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sorry meant CD laser, and ...

but you need the right amount and it is even better from a TR [_]3.

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