dvd-rw in Laptop

By patb071 ·
i have an hp dv6000 running vista home premium that i am working on for a friend. The Dvd drive does not show up in device manager or in my computer (same in safe mode) I put a cd in to see what happens and the green light blinks on the dvd drive. However if i push the button to eject the cd it just keeps blinking. Of course i can get the cd out by using my Expensive paper clip.

Is it safe to say that the DVD drive has crapped the bed? Or is it a Motherboard problem.
P.S. she dropped it a couple of years ago and so far the screen and hard drive have been replaced since.

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Almost certainly

by Techwombat In reply to dvd-rw in Laptop

Sounds pretty typical of a dead drive to me. If you've got access to one, you could try plugging in an external DVD drive just to be sure it's not a windows issue, but I recon you'll need to get your credit card out

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Swapped drives

by patb071 In reply to Almost certainly

I was able to swap out drives with another known good drive and it still is not showing up. I put the questionable drive in a different laptop and it works fine. So i hope it is a OS problem.

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The easy way to test this out

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dvd-rw in Laptop

Is to drop in a Boot Disc something like the Ultimate Boot CD if you don't have another one, makes sure that the Boot Order is set to Optical Drive First and then see if when you start the system it boots off the Disc.

If you really want to double check you could use a Live Linux and see if the Optical Drive is available when there is an OS Running. But I personally think that is unnecessary as you have proved that the Drive is working.

Just double check the Ship Set Drivers for the M'Board it's possible that one of these could have been deleted and that on the restart Windows was unable to find a driver and the owner has marked this to Ignore.

If you want a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD you can download it from here


If you want a Live Linux you can either go to your local Newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc or download one from here


But if you plan on working a lot with Windows you should have a copy of Knoppix.


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by patb071 In reply to The easy way to test this ...

I have tried putting in a bootable disk and i get nothing. I have also gone into the bios went to rearrange boot devices and the only thing that shows up is the hard drive.

I will probably just tell her to get an extrenal drive. Since it really only leaves me with being the motherboard.

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Actually it's more likely to be OS corrupted here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bios

Provided that there are no other factors to take into account. You can get the Ultimate Boot CD to use on a Thumb Drive and test the Hardware if you like.


Or you could use the UBCD4Win from within Windows itself to test the hardware to see what has happened here



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