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DVD won't play on DVD player

By maribrook2 ·
I can not make DVDs from the Windows XP Movie Maker. I can only get it done through Nero. These DVDs can not be seen on DVD players but only on my computer. I would like to be able to play these movies on a DVD player. Any ideas how I can get this done? I have a couple of completed projects that no one can see unless its played on my desktop.

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Please try !!

by internetspider In reply to DVD won't play on DVD pla ...

Hi, DVD player can play the only old format i think .DAT , MPEG, MPEG2 file types so what u have to do that take on of ur small project convert it into MPEG2 format by any videio converter software and then try to play it at DVD-Player, and u can chek what type of files ur DVD-Player can play.

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MovieMaker 3 to DVD

by KJSanders In reply to Please try !!

I have been told that when you use Movie Maker 3, you must save it as a high quality video file and then can use Nero Express (part of Nero burning suite to burn to a DVD. I have not tried this yet,
but recently did use a DVD-R to create a picture show and had success as it played
on an older Playstation, so I assume it would play on any DVD player. Most
of the newer ones will play multiple formats. I did use Ulead DVD
MovieFactory 5 to make the picture DVD.

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DVD catagories.

by a.southern In reply to DVD won't play on DVD pla ...

Some cheaper DVD players won't play DVD+ or won't play DVD- or both.

It's not neccessarily a problem with your recording process, it might be a problem with the DVD Player.

When you play on your PC does it launch a DVD playing utility such as PowerDVD? or play as a Media Player file?

I believe Media Player can play full DVDs now, so does the menu show up, or just the files?

Can you explorer the DVD under windows, if so is it still in AVI/MPeg format?

Look through the options of Nero, sometimes there's a option for DATA dvd (DVDROM) or MOVIE dvd (For players).


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DVD Creation

by kbraddock In reply to DVD won't play on DVD pla ...

Movie Maker will not create DVD's that can be played on DVD players. You will need to purchase a DVD authoring software like Roxio or Nero.

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Reponse To Answer

by DEgressy In reply to DVD Creation

I have used Roxio and most times the Dvds flip and jump except on some DVD players. Isn't there a burning software that will work on all Dvd Players. When you get a Movie from Blockbusters or Netflix they work on all. Can't we find a Burner ot software that works on all. When making a wedding video you can't ask people what kind of DVD player do you have and what formats will it play?

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DVD recording

by cakester In reply to DVD won't play on DVD pla ...

Windows movie maker saves the movie in an .AVI file type. This is not readable by most DVD players. There is a lot of software programs out there that can create proffessional looking movies, most let you edit and add FX aswell. The cost of these start at about $50.00 CDN and go up depending on what features you want.

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by violabank In reply to DVD recording

a dvd player will only play vob convert to vob from avi use win avi video converter it will also burn the disc for you

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by violabank In reply to DVD won't play on DVD pla ...

i use winn avi video converter and it works well...when i use windows movie maker it says the source is ti large for the dvd which is bull

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content too large

by xmetal In reply to ok

If the content is truly too large (you suspect it isn't but just in case...) try an application called "DVD Shrink" (note that there are copies of this application being sold -- it is free and available from It examines the entire DVD and allows you to increase the compression on certain portions so that it will fit on a standard writable DVD.

This is useful for creating back-up copies of commercial DVDs as well (you may need another application to DeCSS them in this case). Purchased DVDs typically contain more information than can be burned to a standard writable DVD.

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DVD Shrink is phonyware buy at your own risk

by donaldcarroll In reply to content too large

Referral in this thread to a free DVDshrink is false and misleading.

Buy it at your own risk

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