DVD WON"T WORK/Student Help

By lacy304 ·
I got help with this problem about a year ago.
I need to know what string in the registry is diabling my dvd burner.
I use windows vista. the dvd is Optiarc dvd rw Ad-7200A ata

Please someone help me
I am a student and really need this drive

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What makes you think it's the Registry at fault ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD WON"T WORK/Student He ...

What was this problem that you had a year ago?

Oh - and in what way does the DVD drive 'not work'?

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What, you cant read minds anymore???

by The Scummy One In reply to What makes you think it's ...

Geez, and I thought you were all powerful

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dvd won't work

by lacy304 In reply to What makes you think it's ...

The resaon is simple no mind reading involved
I had this same problem last year.
One of the techs here. told me to go into the registry and delete a string he had included in the post. It worked just fine and saved me from having to buy a new one dvd burner.
That is the resaon If there is something else let me know !!!

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upper and lower filters?

by balge In reply to DVD WON"T WORK/Student He ...
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by lacy304 In reply to upper and lower filters?

Thanks much Blage. I am glad someone knows what they are talking about. I think this was the same sting I deat with before. What can I do do keep it from happening again. I run Nortons. But that evidently didn't do the trick

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good oh

by balge In reply to DVD FIXED!!

no worries, glad to be of assistance
as regards happening again, well its Windows plan is bookmark the solution and x-fingers!
not personally a fan of Norton, caused me plenty of pain when I had it, long gone now, there are better alternatives

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