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    DVD won’t work


    by siddiqui_1985 ·

    Hello Guys!
    i have IBM ThinkPad T40 it has DVD/CD-RW. it read CD’s write CD’s but can’t read DVD’s.
    Please help.

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      by siddiqui_1985 ·

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      Well it

      by rob miners ·

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      sounds like the DVD laser-lens has given up, you can try cleaning it or replacing the unit. You can also test it by trying to boot from a bootable DVD.

      If you leave CD’s or DVD’s in the drive all off the time you are causing the lenses to wear out.

      Optical Drive Cleaning

      When you are cleaning a CD or DVD drive, there are two things that generally need to be cleaned – the tray and the lens. Cleaning the tray is simple – take some glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, apply it to a cloth, and rub the tray until it is clean. Leave it open for a moment until the tray has dried, and then you’re done. To clean the actual lens, you will have to go out and purchase a CD drive cleaning kit for tray-based CD players (they have different ones for caddy and auto feed drives – if you have one of those you will need a cleaning kit specifically for that type). Follow the directions on the box to clean the drive. Generally this involves applying some fluid to the bogus CD (which conveniently has a brush on it) and allowing the drive to spin up (making this one of the few cleaning operations that needs to be done when the computer is on).

      And a cool Tip from willcomp

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      is DVD Playing software is rescently removed……

      by salim ·

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      By mistake, is DVD Playing/burning software is rescently removed……

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