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dvd writer copying/time problem

By feizal.moolla ·

i have a lg 20 speed ide dvd writer. after copying 10 or more discs the time taken to copy the disc increase from 6 mins to 10 mins. i am using nero 7, p4 2.0, 256 ddr, 80gb hard drive.

what could be the problem?


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Depends on what you are copying ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dvd writer copying/time p ...

If you mean each of the 10 discs has different material on them, the time taken may be due to what type of files you are copying.

Time taken can also be due to the SIZE of the files that you are copying - some of the files may be larger than the copier's buffer can accommodate in one pass.

If you are talking about making 10 copies of the same image, strictly speaking the processing time should fall after the first time the image is processed, but you have to take into account the heat generated inside the DVD drive.

The average optical drive fitted to a PC was never intended to be used for bulk processing. That is why you can buy speciality optical drives designed for mass copying. They tend to have specialised heat dissipation techniques built-in.

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Well it depends on what is being done here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dvd writer copying/time p ...

If it is 10 copies of the same thing the Burner will be getting hot and will be physically slower.

If you are making copies of Movies the CPU will be hotter than normal the the Circuitry on the M'Board will be slowing down the CPU to prevent it overheating.

Basically this will be because of a Heat Issue and under normal circumstances there is nothing you can do but leave the system to cool down to regain performance.

If you persist in making copies the system should start to get even slower till it gets tot he stage where it can not run any slower and it will continue to run at that speed till you finish whatever it is you are doing.

You can get burners that are designed for Bulk Coping but these are more expensive than the normal domestic ones and you can change the CPU Heatsink & Fan to something bigger but again this is going to cost you and it is likely to increase the noise.

If you re making copies of different movies the HDD can also become heavily fragmented so the Data Transfer is slower running Defrag after 10 or so copies may not be a bad thing here either.


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