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By gundealer1a ·
I have a problem with my dvd writer. When i try to make a dvd it will copy up to chapter 13-19 then it freezes up. I have tried several different dvd copy programs and it does it on all of them. could you tell me what my problem could be. It is a brand new computer.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dvd writer

If you are using Single Layer DVD R's you most likely are running out of space as they only hold 4.7 GIG and most of the commercial DVD movies are on Dual Layer DVDs which hold twice as much data. You can shrink the file down to the 4.7 GIG with a program like Shrink & Burn available at

To make commercial movies fit onto existing DVD Recordable media.


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by parvus1202 In reply to dvd writer

Maybe you should specify your process from start to stop and what software/s. You can visit to get more info.

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by wlbowers In reply to dvd writer

Two things. You could be loosing the buffer or the cpu could be getting busy.

If the screensaver cuts in that's a no no.

Tell us the following.

What speed computer?
How much memory?
What OS?


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