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After burning a DVD using digital pictures, I cna't find any way to select pictures for printing. Is there a program to do this??

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Well how did you burn the pictures to the DVD?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVDs

If it was through some form of backup program they will be shrunk down into a different format so they will not be printable.

However if you have just copied these to the DVD they should be easily seen on the Recorded DVD and you should be able to open the DVD select the picture that you wish to print and with the CTRL & P keys pressed together you should get a Print Dialogue Box appear and then you can select the printer and how you wish to print the pictures.

Just a couple of things to remember Never Move Pictures or Data to DVD Copy it make sure that it's actually there and then you can delete it off the HDD if required. You can always have faulty media or a bad burn which will result in the loss of the data if it is moved and not copied.

Much more importantly Kodak recommends that you do not keep Pictures on CD I suppose DVD will be the same as you lose picture quality after a period of time. They say that you have significant Picture Quality Loss after 5 years with excellent Media Storage and if the recorded media isn't stored correctly you can loose all your data in 30 minutes or less.

So any Archiving or Backup of Pictures to CD/DVD should only be considered as a Short Term Exercises.


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