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DVD's with Windows Media player

By Mike (from Canada) ·
I have used File Monitor while playing DVD's in Media Player, and Winamp. What I have noticed is that the DVD is being read 65536 bytes at one time. I am using Elecard's MPEG2 decoder pack as Media Player filters, and I am using the VID2WA plugin for Winamp. The sound is fine until I configure the MPEG decoder to decode I, P, and B frames. I think that 65536 bytes being read at a time can cause this. Is there any way I can change it so that a different number of bytes is read from the disk at a time? (maybe like 16384)

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by Oz_Media In reply to DVD's with Windows Media ...

I find Real Payer is a lot better for DVD's myself.

Also if you can get it, try WinDVD, that's the best one I've found, you get WAY more control, including a zoom feature that lets you draw a box with your mouse and it zooms in perfectly. WMP is second rate for DVD's.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to DVD's with Windows Media ...

I never thought RealPlayer had the capability of playing DVD's. I'll go and try it just to make sure, then I will try WINDVD. Once those are tried, I will get back to you (respondent #1) with the results.

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by wlbowers In reply to DVD's with Windows Media ...

Get PowerDVD. It puts them all to shame. I won't even let media player do audio, much less video.


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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

PowerDVD was on the CD that came with my DVD-ROM. The codec is slow, and the program fails for me. Firstly, when I tried the DVD, I get "A disc with an unsupported format in drive E:" when I tried opening a VOB file or the DVD itself. Then when I tried accessing the configuration section, the program crashes. I am using Windows 95 and do not wish to upgrade since upgrading slows my system down.

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by wlbowers In reply to DVD's with Windows Media ...

You have a bad problem. If you had listed your system configuration we could have cut to the chase. Most of the software that is out today have minimum system requirements. PowerDVD is one of those. PowerDVD is also one of the finest players on the market.

Playing DVD's is processor and memory intense.

If your computer is configured so that upgrading from 95 slows it down I don't think you will ever get DVD playback without problems.

List your computer's config and maby.

Good Luck


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