DVI to VGA splitter

By chester2 ·
Just wonder: A vendor is using a DVI to VGA splitter to use two monitors one 17" and one 47" display. Going from DVI from the back of the pc to two VGA monitors(Windows XP) After shutting down for the night and rebooting the next morning the 2nd monitor is not retaining the resolution settings leaving the signal unusable. You have to go back in and adjust the settings. I am just wondering since it is a splitter and not two separate video cards it Windows is not picking up the second monitor upon boot up.

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by retro77 In reply to DVI to VGA splitter

That seems like an odd setup. DVI being digital and VGA being analog.

-Is the video card capable of 2 connections? They may be trying to fool the video card with mixed results.

-Also double check the drivers for the most up to date version.

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Double Check

by chester2 In reply to Odd

I will double check. This is not my box but I do have to keep it running. I will double check the card type. There is only one DVI connection coming out of the back(not onboard) It does seem like an odd setup not sure why they did not go with a board with on board DVI and a separate DVI card. Anyway I will check those.


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Reset video and shut down.

by 1bn0 In reply to DVI to VGA splitter

ThE card you refer to sounds like one that came in a Dell GX740 at work.

The connector is NOT a standard DVI but it does look like one.

The card comes with a Y cable that splits the connection into two seperate VGA connections.

I often find windows loses video settings if the machine does not shut down properly or some other software hangs up at shutdown.

Try booting the machine , set your video configuration and the shut down the machine completley using start : shut down.

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Oh ya

by retro77 In reply to Reset video and shut down ...

I see what he is saying now. I too have an Optiplex 745 with the dual DVI dongle out the back. It came with VGA or DVI.

Either work fine. I have the DVI installed but I dont see an image quality difference in them.

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