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Dvorak keyboard issues

By angel60008 ·
I use a Dvorak keyboard after damaging my left hand years ago(I shattered a glass in it). I am final able to type quicker and with less frustration UNTIL...
for some reason in the command shell (DOS)when trying to type in a program the computer reverts to the standard board. And when I am doing my Linux homework the key strokes listed are wrong... the homework instructions do not work.
My prof was convinced it was me until I showed her the problem but no one can give me ideas. I am majoring in computers...someone has to know if the DOS problem is fixable
Dvorak is just a foreign language in the Windows XP
Last week the tracert assignment only worked with the Linux instructions... how does changing the keyboard letter order cause so many varied problems. I know there are probably not a lot of people out there who use this feature but I need it to type well and I need DOS and Linux for school

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