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    DVR A04 DVR A 06


    by koko122333 ·

    please advice where i can learn about what is A04, A06 and the diffrances etc.
    does A06 dvd burner support / compatible to A04 burner? does what A04 does and more?
    who can i know what is any dvd burner – most of the manufacturers do not write any thing about it and when i aske
    them , i get ” I believe the drive is comparable to the AO4 ……….” and give me the spec.
    and the spec. doesnt say any thing about it.
    the DVD i checked about is LG GSA-4040B
    thank you very much

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      Reply To: DVR A04 DVR A 06

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to DVR A04 DVR A 06

      DVR-A04, A05, and A06 is made by Pioneer. It is the oem drive in the G4 Macintosh. It is the drive that was dubbed the superdrive.

      All three (A04, A05, A06) will write to DVD-R/RW CD-R/RW and read all of the formats. The A06 kicks it up a notch by adding the capability to write to DVD+R and CD+R disk.

      The DVR-A04, A05, & A06 are the retail versions. The DVR-104, 105, & 106 are the oem versions. Same exact drives.

      The read write speeds increased in the different models.

      You can find the specs buy going to and doing a search for DVR-A04 spec, DVR-A05 spec, and DVR-A06 spec.

      I have two of the A06 drives in my pc and have upgraded my G4 Mac to a A05.

      Hope this helps.

      Good Luck Lee

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