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    DVR-MS Edit – XP SP2, PowerDirector3 Err


    by megashub ·

    Using Cyberlink PowerDirector 3, you *should* be able to edit / convert DVR-MS format, recorded from XP-MCE 2004/2005.

    On a machine running XP SP2, PowerDirector 3 brings back an error when even trying to open a DVR-MS file. It states I must install a MS patch, located here:

    Note that it says the patch is for SP1. I’m at SP2. When you try and install this patch in SP2, it says my SP version is wrong and it cannot be installed.

    Without this patch being installed, PowerDirector will not open DVR-MS files.

    I want a solution to this problem, even if it’s a workaround. Cyberlink does not have any information about this error, and all the searching I’ve done has turned up other people complaining of the same problem – with no solution. I want to be able to use this application.

    I am NOT interested in using any other utilities instead. I am aware has freeware utilities – but they do not work reliably, if at all. (at least for me)

    I got the points if you got the solution.


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      Reply To: DVR-MS Edit – XP SP2, PowerDirector3 Err

      by rindi1 ·

      In reply to DVR-MS Edit – XP SP2, PowerDirector3 Err

      This must still be a compaqtibility problem with Powerdirector 3 and windows sp2. Probably your only option at the moment is to remove SP2 from your box and wait until Cyberlink has built a patch for you. Possibly youll have to upgrade to a new, maybe future Version of Powerdirector. If you installed SP2 the default way you can easily remove by opening your Control Panel, Add Remove Programs. You’ll find the servicepack2 listed there and it should remove easily (I’ve done it a couple of times without problems).

      There are, by the way, still quite a few applications which don’t work correctly with SP2 yet. That’s why M$ warns you if you update manually. If you let Autoupdate do everything for you, then of course you probably won’t ever see any of these warnings…

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