DVR viewing over VPN on W2K3 Domain

By Anthony_Duncan ·
Hello everyone, I am having a bit of a problem in connecting to my DVR remotely. Here is an overview of my present network setup.

Laptop (with DVR viewing software) >>>


Internet gateway >>>
W2k3 DHCP server (with three NICs. <Guest internet access, Domain users internet access, > VPN port open) >>>
W2k3 DNS Domain controller (with VPN access allowed) >>>
Target (Samsung DVR)

Now here is the problem:
I've installed the remote DVR viewing software on the laptop and try to connect to the DVR (over the VPN connection) but to no avail. If I ping the DVR, it responds, but if I use the remote viewer it does not connect. I then went onto joining the laptop to the domain, then retrying the connection, and IT WORKS.

Based on this I know that I can connect when the workstation is a member of the domain, and not when it is a standalone PC, however, I do not want the machine with the DVR viewing software to be a member of the current domain since it is going to be used to connect to multiple DVRs in multiple domains.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me to understand where I am going wrong.


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