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I have 8 security cameras connected to my windows xp pc , the machine bootup fine and start recording what every camera is seeing - as long as i do not use the pc there is no problem , the problem start when you use the internet or other programs , the system hang and then reboot. It seems to me that the camera software is changing this pc to a security server and it does not allow other programs to run.

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Well it would help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dvr

If you told us what exactly you are using here.

What OS and what Software are you using and probably what Hardware as well in the form of CPU Speed and RAM Load?

What does the Camera Software Manual say about using this computer when the Software is running and capturing a Video Stream or in this case 8 Video Streams?


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dvr reply

by pietkalaharie In reply to Well it would help

I am using Windows XP Pro and the Pc Motherboard is a Gigabyte G31 with a 2.0 Ghz CPU and 2 Gb Ram , 160 Gb HDD and 250 Gb HDD for the camera recording. The only software on this pc is the camera software recording ( PO DVR Recording ) it works with a 16 camera port PCI card , the other software is IE8 and a bussiness program ( works with XP Pro ) that is sharing from another server.

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Well for starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dvr reply

Gigabyte made a entire Range of M'Boards based on the EP31 Chip Set. I have one of them here with 4 Gig of RAM and a 3 GIG Dual Core CPU but that doesn't have On Board Video which you may which uses the CPU and System RAM to generate the Video for the Monitor. That uses even more of the CPU and System Resources that would otherwise be available to use for Processing with a Dedicated Video Card with it's own Graphic Processing Unit and Faster RAM.

What is the PCI Card with the 16 Port Video Capture Capability?

What is the actual name of the Software in use here as PO DVD Recording only results in this response to a Google Search

PO DVR Recording is short for Potential Optimized-Discrete Variable Representation-Ray Eigenvector which isn't a commercial application but a description of the technology involved.

But as I said above what does the Manual for the Software say about using this system to do other things when it is being used to capture 8 Video Streams.

Also with only a 250 GIG HDD to store the recorded images you are either running a serious compression program which would place even more of a load on the system or are dumping/overwriting the drive constantly. While 250 GIG sounds like a lot when it comes to Video Storage it's not really much when you are talking Real Time Storage for Multiple Feeds.


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Eight video streams might just be too much to add anything else..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dvr

As OH Smeg has commented - perhaps if you were to tell us what the hardware is, including the CPU?

Although I reckon you're doing pretty well if you are capturing eight live feeds without any problems.

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by balge In reply to dvr

quite possibly eight video feeds are swamping your network traffic?

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