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DX support for Voodoo 5

By OzMEdias ·
Does anyone know if the Voodoo 5 5500 has a DX8 driver ??
I've checked voodofiles and a few others but can't find mention of DX8 or greater.

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Just Wondering....

by GuruOfDos In reply to DX support for Voodoo 5

Are you trying to impersonate a member called OzMedia??

The answer to your question is basically no....they stopped at DX6.

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Last official 3dfx drivers support DX8

by TheChas In reply to Just Wondering....

Since I am a collector of many things, I saved a copy of the 3dfx driver page before they shut down.

Among the notes for the last driver releases for the Voodoo 3 through 5 cards is support for DirectX version 8.

Now, there could be problems with any changes made to DirectX for release 8a, but I have not tried it.


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I stand corrected!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Last official 3dfx driver ...

Well sort of! You are right in that there is limited support for DX8 (not all functions are properly implementd) but DX8.0a does cause problems. Unfortunately, anyone running Windows98 who wants to use Firewire for DV capture must use 8.0a or at least apply the Microsoft DV patch for 8.0, but this results in a very unstable system.

I also found that trying to use 8.0 with any Voodoo card and a SoundBlaster Audigy card will just cause ALL your hair to fall out!

One way around it is to install DX8a or DX9 and then retro-install DX6 as supplied with the Voodoo card. There is also an issue with Voodoo's and Athlon XP processors, but a driver (beta) is available that resolves this problem :-)

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Why would I do that

by Oz_Media In reply to Just Wondering....

Personally I think OzMedia can be a total asshole. In fact I know he can. He has very strong personal opinons and stands by them quite religiously. He hasn't got the ability to be a 'YES' man because he's arrogant and stubborn.


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heh heh

by GuruOfDos In reply to Why would I do that
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Southampton ! I didn't notice

by Oz_Media In reply to heh heh

I didn't even notice your were in Southampton!
I'm originally from the Isle of Whight, Ventnor.
One of the bands I manage is recording at POD in Southampton today, it is owned by Judas Priests former drummer Les Binks (don't know if yuo are into JP or not).
I will be coming over in July, maybe I'll drop you a line (or I guess an email) and we can drink REAL beer and play some vids. Boddington's and Guinness forever !!

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X3dfx BETA driver does

by TheChas In reply to DX support for Voodoo 5

The release notes for the X3dfx_V5_Win9X_1.08.04 driver state that the driver supports Direct Draw 3D under DirectX version 8.

I have DirectX 8.1 on my W98 box with my Voodoo 5, and I just went through all the 3D tests. All passed.
I am using the last official 3dfx Voodoo 5 driver release.

So, I would say that the driver for the Voodoo 5 supports DirectX 8.


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Thanks Chas-From Impersonator

by Oz_Media In reply to X3dfx BETA driver does

That was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! ( I also assumed I'd hear it from you ) Cheers!


It wasn't yourself, but someone was asking if I was trying to impersonate OzMedia,
No...the other login is from an old ntebook I sometimes use when my PC is busy. I just used a variation of the alis because i didn't have my login ID handy at the time and was in a rush so I couldn't wait for them to email my ID to me.

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Twas me!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Thanks Chas-From Imperson ...

No offence was a bit close for comfort and I wondered if a certain Mr Reets was f***ing with us.....

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None taken

by Oz_Media In reply to Twas me!

I figured you were looking to get into it due to my political freak out about the Iraqi war.

as for Mr. Reets, I don't think I have had any probs with him myself but I don't really pay too much attention to what is said here unless someone is arguing my point. in which case LOOK OUT, I'M A STUBBORN ASSHOLE !!

Take care man,

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