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Dying Hard Drives

By mjwx ·
I?ve got a WD 200GB SATA disk on its last legs, BIOS sometimes will not pick it up, sometimes it does and the disk wont boot in to either of my OS's, just sits there with a blank screen. This disk has 2 windows installs on it but the active partition is on another disk.

I?ve run the WD Diag tool over it and came up with nothing, what other tools do people use on sick HDD's. I used to use WataDiag but haven?t bothered to re-download that yet. I've got a suspicion that only the first part of the disk is buggered.

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Intermittent BIOS detection?????

by fungus-among-us In reply to Dying Hard Drives

Get the data you need off of it NOW!!
Sounds like the drive is going to me too... that or your controller is puking. Either way, you'll need to get the data off of it ASAP. I've been using Zero Assumption Recovery for the last few months.... at $90 for the full version... it paid for itself the very first time I used it.

I re-read your post... the disk has 2 windows installs on it but the active partition is on another disk. Hmmmmmm... 2 windows installs... on seperate partitions I hope. Active partition is on another disk??? I always thought that you had to boot from an active partition. Sounds odd.

Good Luck

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Way ahead of you,

by mjwx In reply to Intermittent BIOS detecti ...

I bought a 320 GB (Seagate this time) last weekend. I was planning to ghost it onto the new HDD this weekend.

This one only has game installs on it so if it dies I'll just have to re-install windows and start Company of Heroes again.

You do boot from the active partition which windows always ID's as the C drive but you can have windows on a separate partition on a separate disk. Windows always uses the MBR on Disk 0 regardless of where you put windows and uses IDE's before SATA's. Windows also likes to place the boot files (boot.ini, autoexec.bat) on the first patition on disk 0.

On a side note, if you set XP/2003 up correctly you can have two installs on the same partition (but two partitions are easier).

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