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Dynamic Powerpoints from a WebSite

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I need to dynamically create powerpoint presentations from an existing site.

The site creates page content based on user interaction and database content which has nothing to do with the power point issue, but just a little background in case you are the curious type.

I have tried a couple of experiments such as :
o stuffing a sample xml presentation file from powerpoint-saveas (2MB) into an ASP script variable and spitting it out again but that did not work -- no result.

o I have tried adding "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint" and "content-disposition" at the front of the no result.

o "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint" and "content-disposition" works, but with no slide mangement -- just one slide and all images from page as content - no text. That was encouraging but not an acceptable solution.

o I also tried putting the sample powerpoint xml save-as file between html tags <html></html> and that did not work.

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