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Dynamic Visio Diagram - HOW?

By _Drew_ ·
I?ve got a requirement to generate engineering level diagrams of communications systems. The original thought was to attempt to have Visio diagrams fill this requirement, but neither myself nor any of my peers have discovered a means to tie the a database which is the primary source to diagrams. The circuit diagram must include a way to show the hierarchical relationship of the circuit and the transmission media it rides on. Best scenario would be one that is linked to where a diagram of the transmission media is shown, and selecting a particular link would show a diagram with the individual circuits. To complicate matters, the first level diagram should be geographically correct in that point 0,0 in an x-y plot equated to a specific lat/long or geo reference point, with everything else relative from that point. Although I?ve seen examples of a HR staffing chart, I?ve not been able to figure out how to take that and make it into a different type of chart using specific shapes for specific equipment types, and the information instead of being people skill sets, be information relative to that piece of equipment. Restrictions of it having to work in a standard server environment with no additional equipment or software purchased complicates the matter further. This solution must work on a standard web server running simple IIS. Is there any of you that can provide assistance in this?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Dynamic Visio Diagram - H ...

i was buying this up until 'no additional equipment or software purchased'
then i figuerd you were a uninterested student and it was a test question.

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by _Drew_ In reply to

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Not a student, government contractor. Living within the reality that only pre-approved software can be loaded onto systems. The pre-approval process is long and drawn out and becomes a show stopper if additional software is required to fix a solution.

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by _Drew_ In reply to Dynamic Visio Diagram - H ...

The no additional software is due to restrictions I've got in finding a solution. This will end up on a government system and all software must be pre-appproved, a process which can oftem outlive the version of the software. Not a test question.

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