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    dynamic web based documents


    by partner55054553 ·

    I need some help. I?m doing some research on dynamic web based document creation using .Net. I came across xsl:fo or an open source Library called PDFSharp. It is not necessary that the created documents are pdfs.


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      xsl:fo, cand be

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to dynamic web based documents

      used to turn and xml document in to a pdf, and usually is because there is very little software that can interpret fo.

      All fo does basically is add flow control attributes. headers and footers, wrapping widows and orphans etc…

      PDFSharp and other’s like it take fo and convert it to adobe’s format.

      You could do the same for any other native doc format, rtf, odf etc

      Depends on what you mean by document creation, aside from giving you a standard to work towards fo doesn’t help you at all, all it does is narrow the problem domain to dynamically creating an FO based document.

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