Dynamically generated URL could not be opened in FireFox

By ashish.tijare ·
* I have a code that generate form dynamically (form on a webpage is generated through code).
The action attribute is set to 'TestMyPage.ashx'.
When run, this URL is opened successfully in IE.
* But when same value ('TestMyPage.ashx') is set for action attribute for FireFox, it do not load the said page.
* When checked, for FireFox it loads the page only when it is prefixed with protocol, host and virtual directory information, like


This url is successfully loaded by FireFox.
But I don't want to set those prefixes (protocol, host, virtual dir.) myself.

When searched on, it found that FireFox should also behave like IE in this case. So I could not guess what is the problem for such behaviour in my application (Is it because the form is generated dynamically?..)

Any suggestion is welcome...

Thank you.

Software Engineer, Pune

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