Dyndns with SBS 2003 and Exchange... not working!!!

By Geofoxer ·

Right now I am trying to set up an Internet Email Server for work. Right now email (as well as our website) is hosted online by I already have a dyndns account with aliases and all. The Dyndns updater is already downloaded on the Server (and running correctly) along with the correct ports set on the router to foward all SMTP packtets to the Email Server.

Our website has serveral MX records that I have previously tested with my hosted IP address without success. Any ideas on what I am missing???

I also would like to address the problem of Email synchronizing outside of the netwok. My Boss needs to acces email outside of the network on business trips as well throughout Europe. Everythingwork perfectly inside the network, but it is a different story when I try to send or recieve internet Email?

Thanks ahead of time!!!

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Synching outside the network

by swell72 In reply to Dyndns with SBS 2003 and ...

Check the firewall settings on the users PC. Simple enough to get overlooked. I kick myself on a regular basis from over looking user installed firewalls.

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can't have 3rd party hosting email

by CG IT In reply to Synching outside the netw ...

if you want to host it.

your authoritative name servers MX record must point to your public IP address.

So who ever your domain name registrar is, must have dyndns's name servers listed as authoritative name servers for your domain.

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can now recieve email, but not send it.....

by Geofoxer In reply to can't have 3rd party host ...

Yesterday I messed around with the IMAP connector in Exchange and got it to work. Although, I have now only to send email and this part I believe has nothing to do with dyndns (please tell me if I am wrong). Just to clearify, I basically need to call our ISP and say that we are running a new Email Server that needs authentication from thier DNS servers. Basically TURN or ETRN Authentication via SMTP... Then I "should" be able to sent email to the outside world, that is as I understand it.

I am also thinkign of having a linux box outside of the network for an External internet Email server. I hope this could work with Laptops and such outside of the network with athentication and such, but will I need to set up POP3 accounts and perhaps profiles to download onto the laptops for this???

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