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E-Business Security Policy

By sns ·
Does anybody have an example of an e-business security policy for a bank? The policy should include financial and non-financial access to bank systems as well as remote administration of users by member banks.

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E-Business Security Policy

by erikdr In reply to E-Business Security Polic ...

I do but it is supposed to be strictly confidential. The only way it is supposedly possible to get a copy of it is by channels which verify your bona fide credentials, e.g. the national bank's federation of our country. And even in that case, I'd probably refer you to the source of the policy, the corporate security department.
So advice:
1) Try trough the bankers federation in your country.
2) If that fails, I can pass you the e-mail address to write to in our company (large multinational bank). However do expect problems in proving your credentials and do expect to be forced to sign a NDA even to others in your company...

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

PS A few simple Yes/No/How questions I _can_ answer myself through e-mail, on the level of peer assistance. After all we as a bank benefit intensely from peer exchange - but it's just that these kinds of policies, when ending up in the wrong hands, are very risky.

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