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    E-commerce Security


    by desh_deepak ·

    How safe are e-commerce practices in business?
    How does money related information travel , like credit card names , codes etc ? Can it be hacked etc , security measures etc.?

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      E-commerce Security

      by dft3 ·

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      E-commerce transactions are secure enough to the extent that time & resources would be the ultimate factors as to whether or not a person would bother trying to crack them. For example, 128-bit encryption is quickly becoming the standard over 40-bit and since it would take so long and so much effort to crack 128-bit, it is relatively safe.

      All encryption can be broken with enough time and resources, but that doesn’t just relate to e-commerce. There is really no such thing as security, onlymeasures to make cracking more difficult.

      Money related information travels by means of encrypted channels over the Internet. Basically what that means is that if you’re filling out a form on a secure site, the server that generated that page will be the only one that can decrpyt the page in order to understand what you entered. This eliminates someone from being able to understand the information if they intercept it.

      Again, anything can be hacked with enough time and resources.

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