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    E-commerce Web Development Mistakes


    by tamil1996 ·

    What are the E-commerce web development mistakes make the customer switch to another site? How can I fix that issues and improve the conversion rate?

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      There’s a lot to consider to increase conversions

      by ozcomz ·

      In reply to E-commerce Web Development Mistakes

      There’s a lot to determining if an eCommerce shop is successful. Do you have a website to show us as an example? Are you using WordPress? The big one’s are page speeds and user experience. Use the Google Page speed insight tool to find out if your pages are slow. The layout should be user friendly and easy to navigate the menus and find the products they want. A search function helps with this (depending on how many products you have)

      If you’re struggling with page load speeds try getting your website onto PHP 7.0+, setting up a cache and lazy loading images. There are WordPress plugins that can do all of this. You also need to remember to repair your database every so often to reduce server response times. Website downtime can also affect usability. People won’t use your site if your host’s servers keep failing! Install Cloudflare so your website is always on, even when your servers are down.

      For eCommerce prices are a big factor. I own an affiliate site and all my prices match Amazon’s. This is a huge benefit.

      Descriptions are important and so are pictures. If someone can’t see good images of the product they might look elsewhere. Same with descriptions. They should be detailed so the customer knows what they are buying.

      As far as outside the development, marketing is your next point to consider. SEO, Social Media, SEM are all things you need to consider in your strategy. Having a newsletter can increase conversion DRAMATICALLY if done right, but you asked about the web development aspect so I won’t get into all that.

      Does this answer your question?

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      E-commerce Web Development Mistakes

      by sharonhoover467 ·

      In reply to E-commerce Web Development Mistakes

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      by tamil1996 ·

      In reply to E-commerce Web Development Mistakes

      Thanks for sharing the useful reply. This is very helpful to avoid mistakes.

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